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  Our Company..  
  Unlike a loan firm willing to consolidate your debt and bills with a secured bank loan, we take a different approach, our mission is to talk terms with your creditors to reduce and consolidate your debt. We do not report to the credit bureaus. For your reference it might be useful to read furtehr about high risk merchant processing here.  
  consolidate my credit cards  
  We walk you through the 3 simple steps to debt consolidation with our program, we work for you not your creditors. Our program will take all the stress out of your current situation, we will call your debtors, consolidate your debt and bills, lower your interest rates, and so much more. Within the next thirty days you will be on your way to a debt and bills free life. more..  
  Our Most Frequently Asked Questions..  
  We answer all your question on a debt reduction service: what kind of debt can you consolidate? How do you qualify for our service, Does this affect your credit and how? Why would your creditors agree to such a service? Why you should not declare bankruptcy? Can you use your cards while on a program like this? more..  
  Money Problems, the Warning Signs..  
  There are 15 warnings signs you need help with your debt, do you fall into these categories? Learn what to watch for, how to help a friend and how to take control of any situation no matter how bad it seams. There is always help available and it is never to late.   more..  
  Help & Advice With Money..  
  We give you unbiased advice supplied by the FTC, we outline Consolidate Credit Card Debt plans verses credit counseling, the pros and cons to debt negotiation and the warning signs. Learn the truth about bankruptcy and what the federal government has done to change the process. We have also included do it yourself debt settlement advice. more..  
  Our Customer Testimonial..  
  With 9 years of working online providing the best in client service for consumers in need of Consolidate Credit Card Debt, how have we done and what do our customers have to say about our program? Are you our next satisfied client. more..  
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